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Insulation jackets

Valve Jacket

Savery’s insulation jacket is an armature cover that helps to prevent heat losses around the valves while maintaining easy accessibility for the operation and maintenance. A valve jacket is a simple and smart solution for valves, steam traps, strainers and other armature to increase thermal efficiency of the system and ensure safety.

Savery’s valve jackets have a physically robust design – despite of their soft and flexible structures, Savery’s insulation jackets recover their thermal performance even after extremely high compression events with their excellent spring back features. High water resistance of the jackets offers a level of protection against damp.

Application Areas

• Hot water and steam lines
• Refineries and gas processing plants
• Petro-chemical plants
• Power plants  
• Military establishments
• Food and oil mills
• Textile industry
• Plastic plants
• Oil and gas processing industry
• Pharmaceutical plants


  • Increasing thermal efficiency → reducing energy costs
  • Ensuring safety → protection against injuries from hot surfaces and sharp edges
  • Reducing noise level
  • Fire protection
  • Preventing condensation, evaporation and frost on
    the armature

Thermal camera images proove the difference

For an example, an uninsulated DN100 globe valve which is used in fluid system at 160°C will cause approximately 1199 W energy loss hourly.
With continuous processes the annual heat loss can be up to 10,5 MWh per one valve.

Features of Valve Jackets

  • Fabric type – Pyrogel XT
  • Fabric thickness: 10 mm
  • Max operating temperature for one fabric layer: +230 °C
  • Max operating temperature for multiple (6) fabric layers: +650°C
  • Max operating steam pressure 26,5 bar.g
  • Thermal conductivity value – k = 0.021 W/m·K *
  • Resistance to heat flow – R = 0,476 m2K/W
  • Color: Beige
  • Density: 150 kg/m3
  • Resistant to water, steam and other leaks
  • Resistant to pressure and impact
  • With class A fire rating
*3-5 times better k value than other similar insulation materials
  • Material: ceramic fabric
  • Temperature Resistance: 1260 °C
  • Jacket type: Inner layer – fiberglass fabric, temperature resistance: 500°C Outer coat – cyclone fabric, temperature resistance: 200°C
  • Including hook-and-loop fasteners and metal wire hooks


  • Suitable for any single inline valve: globe valves, ball valves, separators, strainers, pressure reducing valves etc.
  • Installation sizes – DN15 – DN150
  • Installation without the need for additional tools
  • Jackets are easily removable with hook-and-loop fasteners and fastening ropes
  • With higher operating temperatures multiple layers of insulation fabric can be combined to increase heat resistance

Product Brochure

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